Voice of Zion

Calling and Election Made Sure

by Samuel Warren Shaffer

          Many people wonder what it means to have your Calling and Election made sure.  Some people have heard it has something to do with an Ordinance called the Second Anointing; others have read that is has something to do with a Second Comforter that Joseph Smith said is the person of Jesus Christ.  This article is about what exactly the Calling and Election is, how to receive it and the story about how I received it.

          It says in D&C 121:34-40;

 34 Behold, there are many called, but few are chosen. And why are they not chosen?
 35 Because their hearts are set so much upon the things of this world, and aspire to the honors of men, that they do not learn this one lesson—
 36 That the rights of the priesthood are inseparably connected with the powers of heaven, and that the powers of heaven cannot be controlled nor handled only upon the principles of righteousness.
 37 That they may be conferred upon us, it is true; but when we undertake to cover our sins, or to gratify our pride, our vain ambition, or to exercise control or dominion or compulsion upon the souls of the children of men, in any degree of unrighteousness, behold, the heavens withdraw themselves; the Spirit of the Lord is grieved; and when it is withdrawn, Amen to the priesthood or the authority of that man.
 38 Behold, ere he is aware, he is left unto himself, to kick against the pricks, to persecute the saints, and to fight against God.
 39 We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion.
 40 Hence many are called, but few are chosen.

          Whether someone is called or not is usually a source of debate among the religious, so how do we become one of the many that are called?

          It says in D&C 4:1-3

 1 Now behold, a marvelous work is about to come forth among the children of men.
 2 Therefore, O ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, mind and strength, that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day.
 3 Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God ye are called to the work;

          So if you have a desire to serve God, you are called; therefore the first step to receiving your calling and election is easy.  You need to have a desire and to get the Priesthood, you need to be ordained by one having authority.  Then you dedicate your whole life and effort to God; it is that you Pledge to bring the Kingdom of God upon the Earth and you Covenant to listen to and obey the Revelations of God in the scriptures and to you as your law.  Don’t forget what it said in D&C 121 though; the way that you lose your Priesthood and this calling is by exercising unrighteous dominion, having less than Charity for your brethren and trying to control them or take away their free-agency instead of admonishing them with the Love of God.

          Now I was called and I did my best to serve, and the ways in which I served and what I taught evolved as my understanding of the Gospel evolved.  I was not always right, but I was always trying to do what was right.  The first thing I did during this time period was to begin praying in my mind.  This started when I was a late teenager; I began almost continuously having a prayer in my mind.  I would end in the name of Jesus Christ only when I saw that there was something that required my attention; besides that it was just a drawn out conversation.  The first thing I noticed about this practice is that it repeated a whole lot!  Whenever I thought of that scripture, “Do not as the Heathen do…” about repeated prayers; I would try and add something else or think of other things to say.  Eventually it became an almost continuous stream of prayer to the point that I wondered, ‘so if I pray forever, when do I say in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen?’  I figured out how to overcome this by occasionally saying, in the name of Jesus Christ and then continuing on with the thought.

          I did this practice every day of my mission and sometimes when I was saying something specifically important in my head, my companion thought I was just oblivious.  I had now been praying continually for years.  I bring this up, not because I am trying to brag, but it factors into a future part of the story, and I wish to cover all the contributing factors and let people know that this did not all just happen out of the blue; I sought this out without ceasing for years.

          Close to the end of my mission I heard a rumor from my companion that Ezra Taft Benson had once said, that if you read Second Nephi Chapter Nine every day for forty days that you will ‘know the Savior’.  Once I had heard this I knew I had to try it!  At the end of the forty days nothing happened really and so I decided that I was going to keep reading it once a day from then on until something happened.  About a week in after the forty days I had a dream.  This is my account of that dream;

“I had retired to bed and while asleep the spirit came upon me for I had desires to know my eternal state, and condition before God. I saw many Visions in my dreams that night but the last was the most important. I found myself in a real hurry; I was limping down a very big and wide paved road in a barren wilderness. A light began to appear over the horizon behind me, and I knew my time was almost up to remain alive. I had to get to where I was going but my leg was seriously injured. I limped faster and faster down the great dark highway, my legs hurt very badly, but more than anything I wanted to get to where I was going before the light consumed me. The light grew so bright behind me; I was soon almost engulfed in it. In despair and in pain I fell to the ground near the side of the road by a pole of wood. I hugged the pole for dear life, expecting in that moment to be destroyed! I then looked up, and I saw a personage walking towards me in a cloud of light. His personage was so glorious I could hardly look at him.

“I couldn't see his face at first because of the brightness, but marveled at his beautiful temple clothes. He had on a blood red Priesthood robe. His miter was a crown of light! His apron and sash were gold and the rest of his vesture was perfect and white. Then an emotion of excitement and fear hit my heart, piercing me to the center. In that moment I either remembered or heard this scripture, I am not sure which; it said, "Wide is the way that leads to death, but straight and narrow is the way that leadeth unto Eternal Life!" (Matthew 7:22,23.) I then saw his face as he walked passed me! I raised my hands and with tears exclaimed "My Lord and my God." He had a rather large yet middle-eastern looking nose. His skin was fair and his eyes were bright. He had beautiful hair, which was slightly curled. I cannot remember to this day whether it was white or Brown, as his personage was so bright I could not tell. He walked right past me and continued on. I suddenly no longer had any pain in my legs and I began to arise, holding onto the pole. As I reached up the pole I felt something to hold onto. I noticed a small path like a hiking trail that stretched on through the valley before me which Jesus was walking on. I began to follow him and I awoke.”

          Now this was not the calling and election, it was only the beginning.  Over the years I became increasingly interested in deep doctrine and eventually became a Fundamentalist in a group who also had some false ideas about the Calling and Election.  The Election part of the Calling and Election is also called the More Sure Word of Prophecy, which is a Revelation that tells you that you have been Sealed up unto Eternal life.  Joseph Smith said,

“And though they had heard an audible voice from heaven bearing testimony that Jesus was the Son of God, yet he says we have a more sure word of prophecy, whereunto ye do well that ye take heed as unto a light shining in a dark place. Now, wherein could they have a more sure word of prophecy than to hear the voice of God saying, This is my beloved Son.

“Now for the secret and grand key. Though they might hear the voice of God and know that Jesus was the Son of God, this would be no evidence that their election and calling was made sure, that they had part with Christ, and were joint heir with him. They then would want that more sure word of prophecy, that they were sealed in the heavens and had the promise of eternal life in the kingdom of God. Then, having this promise sealed unto them, it was an anchor to the soul, sure and steadfast. Though the thunders might roll and lightnings flash, and earthquakes bellow, and war gather thick around, yet this hope and knowledge would support the soul in every hour of trial, trouble and tribulation. Then knowledge through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the grand key that unlocks the glories and mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.”

(Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith Section Six 1843-44, p.298)

          This is significant to me because I have received this Revelation.  I was mowing the lawn in the Cedar City Cemetery, going in and out of each tomb stone carefully when it started to rain.  I at the time was of course praying silently in my mind.  Just as I heard thunder I looked up and I heard a voice say.  “I am Jehovah the Lord of both quick and dead, and I say unto you, ye are sealed up unto Eternal Life!”  I began to cry and praise him.  That was when I received the Election portion of my calling, even though I had a lot of learning and growing to do.  The Election is not the end of the road, in fact, I fell many times and wandered a lot after this event.  The Election is a way for God to say to you, that he knows where you are going and he knows you will try your best and so he can say, you are Sealed up.  The Election is really the door by which one enters the straight and narrow path.  After the Election, one can receive the Second Anointing from one having that authority, and one day receive the Second Comforter which is the appearance or person of Jesus Christ.  And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Thus saith the Lord, even unto all of Mine elect, it is needful that ye understand the order of mine Washings and Anointings; so that ye may do the things that I have commanded thee properly and in order. Behold the Initiatory is preparatory to having your feet washed clean of the blood and sins of this Generation and your head Anointed and blessings given; even to be Anointed a King and a Priest to rule forever over worlds. However this is not all that ye must know in relation to these things; wherefore give careful ear unto Mine words that ye may understand the particulars of administering these things.
Behold Mine son Samuel, ye did only anoint thy brethren giving them these blessings in the provisional anointing, like unto those Anointings at Kirtland; but ye did not seal that Anointing, which thing is needful in the final Order of those who have received these things. Therefore I shall reveal the order by which these things shall be administered even in every particular.
Ye shall dedicate a Temple, Endowment House, Tabernacle, Mountain Top or Endowment Room for the purpose of the Second Endowment. Ye shall enter there in with the Salute of the School of the Prophets that only those with deep affection one for another may enter therein. Ye shall then all gather around in prayer before me. And now behold no more than one man and their wives can be Anointed at a time; for if ye desire to Anoint another ye must dedicate another meeting unto me. Wherefore when ye Anoint Mark and he Anoints thee, ye shall dedicate a new meeting unto me for that purpose.
Behold once ye have gathered in this dedicated and Holy space, ye shall then as I have said come before me in prayer; and if ye come before me in the True Order of Prayer then ye shall wear Temple robes before me as it hath been outlined in the Endowment. Ye do not needs do this however if ye have not the means. Then he that is officiating over the washing of feet shall take off his Garments if he is wearing Garments; for behold ye must not wear Garments while performing the washing of feet as it hath been taught unto you in the New Testament; lest the sins ye are cleansing them from come upon thee. Now behold once ye have put off your Garments and dawned thy Temple Robes again then ye shall bring a basin of Water, even pure Water before he that is to have his feet washed. Ye shall then wash his feet three times saying that he is clean every wit of the Blood and Sins of this Generation, and ye shall dry his feet with the hem of thy Temple robe three times, doing it in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.
Behold after his feet hath been washed, then ye shall attend unto his Second Anointing, pouring Holy Consecrated oil for that purpose upon his head, even spiced oil from a horn, or from a dedicated vessel; ye shall call him by name and stating thy authority, ye shall Anoint him a King and a Priest to rule and reign in the house of Israel forever. And now behold ye shall not ordain him unto this office, for that is a lesser ordinance pertaining unto the Kirtland Endowment and your first anointings; but ye shall use the words, “I anoint thee a King and a Priest”. Ye shall also give unto them the Sealing Power. Ye shall also Seal them up unto Eternal Life that they may come forth in the Morning of the First Resurrection. Ye shall also call them unto the office of a Holy Ghost, even making them a member of the Godhead, except in the case of Mark who presides in this thing; simply affirming his place in the Godhead. Ye shall give them power over the Church and Kingdom to establish them, placing them above or over the Church. Ye shall also anoint places on the head using a dab of your finger and giving them special blessings for each of those places; and all these things shall be done in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.
And now behold after ye have given them this Anointing, ye or someone else holding this power must then Seal the Anointing. Ye shall call them by name and again stating thy authority ye shall restate those blessings they have been blessed with Sealing them up, and ye shall also Seal upon them the Fullness of the Priesthood, ye shall Seal upon them the Power of Eternal Lives, and ye shall also Seal them up against all sins and transgressions, save the sin against the Holy Ghost. For behold this is the New and Everlasting Covenant; and ye shall end the Sealing of the Anointing in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.
Now behold Mine Son, after ye have Sealed the Second Anointing; then ye shall confer upon them the Patriarchal Priesthood, and set them apart as a Patriarch, a Priest and a King in that Priesthood, ye shall then confer upon them Keys. The Keys of the Gathering of Israel, the Keys of the Gospel, the Keys of Elias, and the Sealing Keys of Elijah; now behold attending the Giving of the Sealing Power and the Conferral of these Keys, it should be understood or instructed that they are to be used in accordance with the word of God and by Revelation. Ye shall bless them that the doctrines of the Priesthood shall distill upon their heads as the dews from Heaven. Ye may also give them a Patriarchal Blessing at this time, and ye shall give blessings as the Spirit will direct you, and ye shall end this Conferral of the Patriarchal Priesthood in the names of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.
And now ye may seal this Conferral by taking some oil and drawing the triple tau upon their forehead and saying, “I Seal up the Conferral which ye have received” and ye shall do it in the Divine names of God, as ye shall be impressed to say.
Behold Thus saith the Lord, after ye have done all these things then they shall take upon them the final and full Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood; for behold the Oath and Covenant that was delivered into thy hands and which I commanded thee to give into the hands of the people is a preparatory Oath to reserve ones station, but the final Oath and Covenant is the Confirmation of the Conferral and Sealing of the Patriarchal Priesthood. For behold ye took thy Oath to build up the Kingdom and to take Me thy Law, and it was verily to prepare thee for all these things; but behold this final Oath and Covenant shall be to build up the Kingdom and the Covenant is to uphold and bear up each other, even the Lord’s Anointed; and the words that ye should use shall be Revealed unto thee.
Now after the man hath received all these things, he shall anoint the head of his wife, anointing her to be a Queen and a Priestess to rule and reign in connection with him. Ye shall not anoint other parts of her head however, as she is one with the man, and ye shall not bestow the Sealing Keys of Elijah upon her; but ye shall give her other powers.
Now after all these things ye shall give instruction concerning sin; for verily this doth apply the Atonement unto you in assuring your place in the Kingdom unless ye sin against the Holy Ghost, which is the shedding of innocent Blood; but behold ye shall still have to bear all the sins that ye commit after this time; wherefore it should be well understood and committed to by the bowing of the head and the saying of “Yes.”
Ye shall also give instruction unto the husband and the wife about how she can make her claim on him sure in the Resurrection through the washing and Anointing in preparation for burial. Wherefore ye shall instruct them to dedicate a room of their home for that purpose. Ye shall then give instruction that the wife is to wash the feet of her husband, wiping them off with her hair and giving each foot a kiss. She shall then anoint the body of her husband, the head, the stomach and the feet pronouncing blessings. She shall then further anoint other parts and the husband and wife may continue to bind themselves together in affection and love. Now they must also remember to undedicated the room when all things are done and the husband is sufficiently prepared for death and burial. After ye shall teach them all these things, then just as the husband brought his wife through the Veil, he shall practice to resurrect her by calling her forth, by whispering her new name to her, and raising her up from the altar by the right hand in token of a house of Israel; and these things shall be confirmed unto thee soon; wherefore ye may perform the Second Endowment in two steps just as the First.
Behold after all these instructions, ye may have the sacrament and end with a prayer; for behold there is more to be revealed, although these ordinances which I have explained unto thee are all those which were delivered unto the majority of the Saints who received their Second Anointing. And in the Second Endowment individuals are often Sealed together man to man so that there may be a Priesthood Chain back unto Father Adam. Wherefore study all things out in thy mind and more shall be revealed soon. And now I command thee to make a list below this Revelation outlining each particular that it may be as a Temple card in assisting others in learning these things. Behold I come quickly and I love thee, even so. Amen.