Voice of Zion

 A revelation received by Samuel Warren Shaffer, at his residence in Orem, Utah, on Friday, 28 October 2016.

§ 1 A fire hath been kindled in my bones,
and a word hath come unto my lips,
and I cannot restrain it,
for the Lord hath spoken unto me as by fire and by the Holy Ghost. 

¶ 2 Thus saith the Lord unto thee, My son, Samuel Warren Shaffer:
Ye are to act in the office of an Aaronic priest at this time,
for ye are an Elias that hath wandered out of the way. 

3 And did My son, Joseph Smith Jr., not declare
that an Elias would never overstep his bounds?* 

4 Wherefore, ye are under condemnation.

¶ 5 Declare unto Israel thy folly,
and thy folly shall be turned back unto thee as a strength,
and shall be for thy good. 

6 For behold, the Spirit of chastisement hath come upon thee
as ye have spoken unto My servant, John Alvin Coltharp;
and ye have realized thine awful state, and the awful state of thy people. 

7 Declare ye, declare ye unto the House of Israel My judgments—
and not according to what ye have supposed,
but only according to that which I shall give unto thee;

8 for a man can only execute My judgments in perfection,
if he is without sin,
and if he hath a perfect love for those whom he judgeth,
hoping that they might thereby obtain a better resurrection.

9 I shall lay before Israel thy folly, even before all that will hear it;
and all those who claim to be My prophets must do the same,
or else their dirty garments shall wave as a banner
—not unto cleansing, but unto shame before all the people—
even as a standard;

10 for there are no Prophets now
who see or reveal without admixture of pollutions
in Israel.

¶ 11 Now behold, I shall speak somewhat about thee.

12 Holy angels did speak unto thee from beyond the veil in visions,
and I did give thee visions of thine eternal mate,
and of many plain and precious things; 

13 but ye desired more,
and ye went looking after the mysteries,
and ye did run faster than ye were able;

14 for ye ran in fear after things that are not found among the children of men,
and this because ye feared that ye would not attain exaltation
without having all of the keys and powers
that I only give unto men to do My work.

15 And behold, exaltation is a gift from Me alone—
either by Mine own voice, or by revelation unto My servants. 

16 All they unto whom I give a work to perform now run after these things,
and do not the preparatory work that I give them. 

17 They are only interested in being kings, and in bearing rule;
and they feel their exaltation depends upon it,
rather than that which I give them,
and this because they are running after the error of Core.

18 Wherefore, the devil, and diverse spirits, and fallen ones
did use thy gifts against thee, and did confuse thee continually;
yea, ye were tossed, and driven, and the evil one sought to destroy thee.

19 Wherefore, ye have been under condemnation,
and I have only barely stretched forth My hand again to redeem thee. 

20 Wherefore, pray for the Spirit before searching for any word;
yea, fall on thy knees and pray for the Spirit at this moment,
and then I shall give thee further instruction. 

¶ 21 All the words that ye did reveal after ye were an Aaronic Priest,
save those words that ye have delivered unto John Alvin Coltharp,
and a precious few words otherwise,
are polluted.

22 Wherefore, ye have treated lightly the things that ye have received,
and only by turning unto Me and by admitting thy sin can ye be redeemed; 

23 for ye are guilty of light-mindedness,
evil-speaking of the Lord’s anointed,
loud laughter,
covetousness for fame and for the forbidden things of God,
false judgement,
and deceits.

24 Bow thyself down and repent,
that ye may be a tool in My hand,
and not a servant of darkness that must needs be destroyed. 

25 Wherefore, shout this from the rooftops,
that ye may be My servant, even an Elias in the Holy Aaronic Priesthood,
and bring forth My word for the preparatory redemption of Zion. 

26 All of My people are out of the way, and none doeth good,
for none consistently have revelations of the Spirit that are not polluted. 

27 And how can ye know this?
Is it not plainly written in the words of the Prophets
what signs ye should look for,
and in what way ye should judge? 

28 And do My people not also contradict in many instances
that which is plainly written in the words of the Prophets? 

29 For behold, have I not said that the Kingdom would not be restored
until it is restored unto you of the Father, even of the Ancient of Days? 

30 And have I not commanded My people to come out of Babylon,
and to refrain from touching any unclean thing? 

31 Wherefore, the way to judge is plain,
for even the very things that are written in plainness
doth stand as a testimony against them. 

¶ 32 Now, My servant, John Alvin Coltharp, hath spoken unto thee many things
that he hath attained by much study and prayer;
but behold, I say unto thee that he hath declared unto thee My words.

33 Woe, woe, woe unto this people!
How do ye suppose that ye are greater than the children of Israel
when they left Egypt,
and ye thyselves have returned unto Egypt or remained? 

34 Know ye not that I took the higher priesthood from among them,
and ye suppose that ye have it? 

35 For behold, a few elders remaineth;
nevertheless, I have given no promise
concerning the Melchizedek Priesthood remaining,
but only concerning the Aaronic (and this only among the faithful). 

36 Wherefore, fear not;
for all those who perform the work I have called them to,
with diligence and soberness,
shall be chosen, elected, and receive exaltation. 

37 My people at Kirtland received a pentacost of the Spirit,
and ye suppose that they were preparatory unto thy greatness? 

38 Ye live in Egypt, and ye suppose that ye are Zion?

39 Ye whore after Babylon and after the things of this world,
and My people give even their virtue lightmindedly! 

40 Ye are adulterers and idolaters,
ready for the slaughter and for the fire
that is set and appointed to come down upon thee.

41 I sent Mine apostle, Brigham Young, to reveal the things of salvation,
and ye suppose that ye will escape
the judgments that are necessary for salvation,
even the judgments that I commanded him to declare unto thee? 

42 I gave unto My servant, Joseph Smith Jr.,
the keys pertaining to all the sealings in the last days;
and I gave unto My servant, Hyrum Smith,
the keys to seal up those whom I have chosen unto eternal life;
and ye suppose that they hath delegated it unto all of the “Groups”? 

43 Ye finished not the Nauvoo Temple,
and ye suppose that I have excused you,
and that I have sealed thee up along with thy dead? 

44 Ye have separated and divided thyselves in the land,
and ye suppose that the Key Holder who was taken out of thy midst
hath upheld thee,
or that another remaineth in his stead? 

45 Never before hath My people been under such powerful delusion,
and hath deserved the judgments like unto this people. 

46 Repent quickly and return unto Me, O Israel!

¶ 47 Now, ye wonder concerning the Patriarchy,
and why ye felt the Spirit rest upon thee
while giving My servant, John Alvin Coltharp, a patriarchal blessing. 

48 Wherefore, I say unto thee,
that ye are a patriarch by right, and also by lineage,
and that the rights of this priesthood have remained with thee,
but that ye must act in the office unto which I have called thee. 

49 Wherefore, ye may lay thy hands
upon the heads of those who come unto thee,
and give them words, even symbolic words,
by revelation from Me, and by the mouth of angels;

50 but ye shall refrain from declaring their lineage,
save it be to declare whether or not they are of the House of Israel; 

51 for behold, tribal lineages within the House of Israel
are not to be known while Israel is out of the way,
save by those only who have kept a memory. 

52 And ye shall refrain from all other work
that I have not commanded thee to perform. 

53 Ye are subjects of the Kingdom, but thy King is not yet come.
Ye cannot make Kings of Israel. 

¶ 54 Behold, the Priesthood shall do all those things
that scripture hath required of them; 

55 and they shall do this
with temperance, meekness, humility, soberness, and charity,
being one, saith the Lord!

56 I come quickly to save all those
who stand in their rightful offices,
and who fulfill their stewardships faithfully,
loving Me and their fellow man,
being fixed upon holy ground
with their feet shod in temperance and in peace.

57 I am Alpha and Omega,
the Beginning and the End,
even the Lord thy God,
the God of all Israel.



* See discourse by Joseph Smith Jr., delivered at the stand near the Nauvoo Temple, on Sunday, 10 March 1844, The Words of Joseph Smith: The contemporary accounts of the Nauvoo discourses of the Prophet Joseph, compiled and edited by Andrew F. Ehat and

Lyndon W. Cook (Provo, Utah: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, ©1980), pages 327–336.